Promise Goes to a Photo Shoot at National Museum of Women in the Arts

Katie, owner of Elegance and Simplicity (wedding planning, flowers, and more) in Bethesda is writing a book!

If I told you what it is about, I would have to make threats so you wouldn't tell! It's kind of a secret. So, instead, I will just say it is going to be a great book on a subject near and dear to Promise's (and my) heart!

Katie asked Promise to provide gowns specific to her topic for the photo shoot for her book. How exciting is that!? So on Sunday, Tom and Ashlee from Documentary Associates (photographers and excellent photojournalism for your wedding), Katie (who not only wrote the book but also did all the flowers), and myself all headed down to The National Museum of Women in the Arts for the day. ALL day.
But it was fun! I won't have any of the wonderful images Tom and Ashlee took for a little while, so for now you will have our "behind the scenes" pics. That's me in the goofy blue panda t-shirt. So glamorous the life of a bridal shop owner!

Note the crazy orange clips in the back of every gown - perfect for brides-to-be who try on gowns at Promise and for photo shoots! Orange clips make everything look great...from the front!

Stay tuned for more about Katie's book, and for more images from Documentary Associates!

- Jessica

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