Scrumptious cupcakes...and cakes, too, at the DCCWC 2009 Wedding Show!!

At the 2009 DCCWC Couture Wedding show, I had quite possibly one of my top 5 cupcakes ever. Seriously.

While in LA, Andrew and I sampled as much as we could - from my beloved Susie Cakes to all the way to Eagle Rock for Auntie Em's intensely good coconut cupcake. Here in DC, we have been to many fabulous cupcake places! Up until recently, Georgetown's Baked and Wired, with their perfectly moist cake and beyond fantastic icing, was my only hands down favorite in DC!

Well, now I have another! While helping our lovely models get ready for their aisle-way saunter, my friend Michelle (we share a mutual obsession with cupcakes) brought me a cupcake from DCCWC member Cakes by Design. I could rhapsodize about the perfect icing-to-cake ratio, or about how the icing was not too sweet or too "buttercreamy" (you know what I mean) - just light and dense enough to be perfectly satisfying! But the center of that pound-cake-as-cupcake? Oooh! A delectable surprise! If I could have, I would have taken all of them home. And eaten them all. By myself. You can almost taste them looking at the picture (taken by Documentary Associates Photography)!

Debbie Delardi at Cakes by Design also makes some stunning (and yummy) wedding cakes. There is nothing better than an excellent looking and delicious tasting wedding cake!

- Jessica

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