Adele Wechsler and Lululemon Athletica Team Up for a Valentine's Gown Giveaway!

That's right! I said it - free wedding gown!

There must be something in the air. After our DCCWC Green Wedding Giveaway (including an Adele Wechsler gown from Promise), Adele Wechsler and Washington, DC's Lululemon Athletica location (3265 M Street) are partnering up for the month of February to promote loving the environment and yourself.

For the rest of February, an Adele Wechsler gown will be featured in Lululemon's window, and the DC location of Lululemon will be holding special bridal-themed fitness classes, culminating in a big celebration on the night of Friday, February 27th where one lucky bride-to-be will win her dream Adele Wechsler gown.

For ladies who miss out on Adele's and Lulemon's Valentine's giveaway, any bride who chooses an Adele Wechsler gown at Promise during the month of February will receive a 10% off!

- Jessica

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