Date Night at Songbird!

When my husband and I were engaged, things got so busy with wedding planing and our daily lives, it felt like there was very little we did or talked about that didn't involve our wedding. We promised each other we would go out at least once a week and spend the evening together - not talking about wedding planning!

Since then, we have held on to Date Night (after the wedding, real life comes back to the fore and it is wonderful to have quality time with my sweetie), and recently we went to one of our favorite places...so much so I had to share!

If you have not had Korean BBQ, make it #1 on your list of food to try. Korean BBQ is a lot of fun if you want to invite other people to Date Night - it is pretty much ideal for a group - but if your friends aren't game, don't let that stop you! Andrew and I can put away all the banchan (little yummy bowls of appetizer goodness that generally come with your meal...my favorite is the radish one) without the help of friends. Our favorite local place is Songbird, in Vienna, VA. A hop, skip, and a jump from Tysons Corner, you might miss it. Tucked behind a Lebanese place (you have to drive in back of the restaurant to find it), Songbird is a haven for some seriously good K-BBQ! We usually order bulgogi and galbi (make sure you use the red bean paste and wrap it all up with some rice in a lettuce leaf for some serious deliciousness), and then chow down.

So next time you and your honey play the "I don't know, what do you want to do?" game, you can end that timeless debate of where to eat.

We love to eat out (and I am sure we are not alone), so let us know if there is somewhere we should go (jessica@promisedc.com)!

- Jessica

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