Promise...for the savvy bride closing

It is with great sadness and regret that we are writing to inform you that Promise...for the savvy bride will be closed as of Thursday, May 21st.

We have emailed all of you individually about the particulars, however, in the event that our email or communication from our designers do not reach you, we are posting all necessary information here, including contact information for all of our designers.

For ladies whose gowns are in the process of alterations and/or were stored at Promise, we apologize for telling you that construction was happening in our space, however it was done in an attempt to ensure that each of you received your gown. For the handful of you that were unable to collect your gown, we have arranged for it to be with Tania, and she will ensure safe delivery to either you or to Lana for alterations. Tania will be contacting you shortly via telephone to determine what course of action you would like to take and to coordinate the process with you.

Those with gowns on order will receive their gowns directly from the designer. We have communicated our situation to all of our designers and have provided them with all of our customers' pertinent contact and order information so that this process goes as smoothly as possible. No one will be left without their gown, veil, or bridesmaid dresses. Believe us, we would have liked nothing more than to have communicated all of this to you in person! However, due to the circumstances, we were unable to and we truly apologize for this.

All of our designers are expecting to hear from you, and some of them will be proactively emailing or calling you to assure you that all will be well and that all will proceed as scheduled regarding your order. You will pay the balance due according to your invoice (as you would have if received by Promise), and your gown and/or bridesmaid dresses will arrive safely. In case our email to you went into a spam filter or was not received, the following is the contact information for our designers:

Adele Wechsler
Issy or Jennifer
Phone: 877-264-2191 ext 222
email: issy@adelewechsler.com
Jennifer: Jennifer@adelewechsler.com

Aire Collection
Phone: 973-777-7223
email: tito.villa@exponovias.es

Coren Moore
Phone: 212-731-2017
email: sarah@corenmoore.com

Julie (She will be in the office on the 21st, but out on the 22nd for the
long weekend)
Phone: 212-731-2017

Claire Pettibone
Phone: 323-634-1929 ext. 103
email: moreen@clairepettibone.com

Jenny Yoo
Phone: 646-723-6826
email: Kerry@jennyyoo.com

Lea-Ann Belter
Karen Lackner
Phone: 440-915-3704
email: kl@lea-annbelter.com

L'ezu Atelier
Carly or Corina
Phone: 310-657-5398
email: corina@lezu.com, carly@lezu.com

Carla or Kenneth
Phone: 312-654-9078
email: info@vwidon.com

Those of you with veils on order, please rest assured that your veil has been ordered and confirmed and will ship on time. You will receive it directly from the designer. We have communicated our situation with Sandra's Designs, our veil designer, and they will ensure that you receive your veil.

We have provided Paul and Sandra with everyone's name, email, phone number, and mailing address, as well as a copy of your invoices. To receive your veil when it is ready, you may call Paul or Sandra at 630-629-2884, or email them at sandrasdesigns@juno.com. They will just need your name to identify which veil is yours. Simply pay the balance owed as detailed when you purchased your veil and it will be sent to you directly!

For those of you still in the process or beginning the process of alterations, Lana will gladly continue/begin her work, and you may contact her directly to schedule/reschedule your fitting at:

301-814-1004 (mobile) or 301-952-0544 (home).

Lana lives in Bethesda, and her address is:

Whitehall Condominium
4977 Battery Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814

Please be patient in your communication with her, and please mention that you are from Promise. We truly apologize for creating a stressful situation for you in the process of preparing your gown for your wedding, but please know that all will be well! Lana will do an excellent job!

Once your gown has been altered, we encourage you to get it spot cleaned and pressed at any of the following cleaners (don't forget to allow at least a week for this process):

Prestige Drycleaning 301-588-0333 (in Silver Spring, MD)
Imperial Gown Restoration 1-800-933-4696 (in Vienna, VA)
Parkway Drycleaning 301-652-3377 (in Chevy Chase, MD)

After your wedding, any of the above will do an excellent job cleaning and preserving your gown if you wish.

This past year has been difficult for everyone, and Promise has been no exception. When we opened our boutique 6 years ago, we had our sights set on bringing a wonderful, customer service-oriented and environmentally conscious bridal shop to the Washington, DC area. While we are proud that we achieved this, the ripple effect of the economic downturn has affected our business, and it has become clear that we must choose to close our doors to avoid negative effects to our customers, our vendors, and ourselves. We have done our best to minimize the negative effect on you, our customers, and truly wish that things could have been different.

This situation is less than ideal. We truly and deeply regret any difficulties caused. However, please know that, as the owners and staff of Promise, we are devastated, are experiencing tremendous loss ourselves, and are doing our best to get through this process with as much integrity as possible. We have done everything possible to minimize the effect on our customers, and know that while things may be unpleasant at first, all will be well, and your wedding will be wonderful!

As of today, Thursday, May 21st, Promise is officially closed, and we will not check email or voice mail at the shop.

I speak for all of us (including the incredible Tania, Kori, and Lana) when we wish all of you good fortune in your futures, and we have truly enjoyed working with you.


Jessica & Juliana
Kori, Tania, & Lana

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