At Promise's Claire Pettibone Trunk Show!

We had so much fun at last week's Claire Pettibone Trunk Show! It was wonderful to have 40 extra gowns from Claire Pettibone at Promise to show off! Her newest

"Rock n Roll Bride" collection is just exquisite - dramatic, feminine, and timeless.

Ashlee from Documentary Associates popped by to take pictures of the event (imagine the images she would take of your
wedding!), and each bride-to-be that came received a delicious
and super cute individually boxed cupcake from Frosting (imagine a delectable cupcake cake or bite- sized cakes for your wedding party on the day of!).

Don't worry - none of ladies pictured are in their chosen gowns! If you have never been to a trunk show and wonder what it is, visit our post all about it here.

All photos by Documentary Associates, cupcakes by Frosting, and gowns (of course) by Claire Pettibone!

Don't forget to enter our first ever giveaway for one of Julianne Smith's modern (and sassy) garters!

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