Adele Wechsler Trunk Show March 6-7 at Promise

At Promise, we are SO very excited for our first Adele Wechsler Trunk Show on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7!

We adore Adele's incredibly inspired Eco Couture collection. It is filled with lovely gowns with wonderful, thoughtful details - not to mention the motivation behind creating a couture collection of gowns composed entirely of organic fabric!

Adele's Eco Couture collection, as well as several classics, will be at Promise for a trunk show on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7. During the trunk show, brides to be who choose their gown that weekend will receive 10% off, a watercolor sketch of their gown (created personally by Adele), their initials monogrammed into the lining of the gown, and a tree planted in their name by treegivers.com!

If ever there was a weekend to choose your Adele Wechsler gown, this is it! This event is by appointment, so call 301-215-9232 or e-mail info@promisedc.com to schedule yours!

- Jessica

PS - Each soon-to-be-wed with an appointment on the 7th will get a delicious cupcake from Frosting - Bethesda's cupcakery (opening this Spring)!

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