Trousseau? That is so old school...

As I was reading the February issue of Vanity Fair (next to The New Yorker, my favorite magazine!), at the way bottom corner of one page I saw "Wedding Belles". Well, of course I had to stop flipping to the article I was honing in on!

The classic, super luxurious French linen line, D. Porthault, (there is absolutely NOTHING as wonderful as really, really nice sheets. Really. Well, maybe a cupcake...) is teaming up with Italian luggage producer (and all around high quality leather-goods manufacturer) Schedoni to create a modern trousseau!

The idea of a trousseau has always appealed to me. My mom sometimes breaks out with the drool-worthy stories of shopping in Philadelphia and NYC with my grandmother for her trousseau, which included any item of clothing for any imaginable occasion.

The trousseau created by D. Prothault and Schedoni is a sturdy and elegant trunk filled to the brim with every linen a newlywed might need - or want! For more information, call 212-688-1660.

I am sure the price is staggering...but a girl can dream!

- Jessica

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