Reuse, recycle....all your wedding stuff?

That's right!

Have you heard of Freecycle - the site that brings back bartering? Your old sofa for free or, your old sofa in return for a set of skis? It takes Craigslist one step further and makes it easier to throw something away that someone else could use!

Well, it was just a matter of time before a wedding classifieds was created! Brought to you by Vintage Glam Weddings (an awesome wedding blog), it's Flea Market! A free, local wedding classifieds where newlyweds can find a home for all their votive holders, extra card stock, candles, bridal magazines, ribbon. Where brides-to-be can find great deals on things they need for their weddings, or even a helping hand for the wedding day! Its craigslist for weddings!

- Jessica

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