The Name Game

When my sweetie and I got married over four years ago, we came back from our dreamy marathon honeymoon in Italy refreshed and ready to tackle our new married life together. While I am not one who believes that a girl has to change her name to her honey's, I was super glad to ditch my end-of-alphabet maiden name, Weidig, and score a Fox! As an interesting side note, people STILL ask me how to spell it. But it is refreshing to say "Fox...like the animal?" So easy.

Being the superstar delegating (read bossy-burger) girl I am, I roped Andrew into taking care of all the name changing for me. He did it all downtown over the course of a day or two during his lunch break(s). What a trooper!

So, when I recently came across a company (via the Wedding Chicks blog) that makes it super easy to manage the whole name change process, I thought that I HAD to pass it on, and not just because of the cute name!

Name Birdie. You can even buy a gift card to Name Birdie and give it as a shower gift. Your friends (and fiance) will thank you!

- Jessica

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