Bethesda's Newest (and most delicious) Cupcakery!

We have a lot of wonderful and interesting brides-to-be visiting Promise in their search for their dream wedding gown!

A little over a week ago, Michelle came to visit, and in the process of trying on the contenders for her wedding day ensemble, we learned she was planning to open a cupcake shop (or cupcakery, as she cleverly calls it) right here in Bethesda.

Needless to say, we wanted to hear ALL about it. She is planning to open her new shop, Frosting, right around the corner. Kori and I about fainted with excitement. Cupcakes! Around the corner!

While Michelle is planning the opening of her shop, she is baking cupcakes at home for her customers...which totally struck a chord with me! Back when we opened Promise, the build-out of our space took way, way, longer than expected, which is SO typical when opening a business. There are delays, delays, and more delays. I sold gowns out of my mom's basement for two months before we opened!

After getting her to leave some of her cards for Frosting, we wished her luck - and begged her to let us know when she opened! We would be there in a flash.

Not long after, another bride-to-be came for her fitting and asked us for a local cupcake bakery. So, of course, we told her about Frosting! It was not long after that we heard from Michelle that she had a new customer who wanted cupcakes for her wedding!

To thank us, Michelle dropped off some of her cupcakes. I meant to take a picture before we ate them...but we couldn't contain ourselves. We untied the delicious looking package and promptly had one each. So I took a couple pictures after we tore into them!

Oh. So. Good.

I realize this is the second post about cupcakes this week! However, I must say that if the "Whoopie Pie" cupcake I had from Frosting is any indication, Frosting is going to be a huge success! Moist chocolate cake, topped with yummy chocolate frosting, and filled with creamy goodness. Topped with chocolate sprinkles and a cute red heart. I am a huge, huge fan!

Frosting will be open this Spring, but for now, you can order cupcakes from Frosting for your wedding, shower, or just 'cause you're jonesing for some goodness by e-mailing Michelle at orders@frostingacupcakery.com


- Jessica

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