All About our Lea-Ann Belter Trunk Show

We had so much fun at our Lea-Ann Belter Trunk Show this past weekend! Not only because we had so many fabulous Lea-Ann Belter gowns on hand, but also because Lea-Ann was here!

She loved seeing Promise's new digs (she hadn't visited since we were on Wisconsin Avenue) and loved reading the wonderful post the ladies at District Weddings wrote about her - she couldn't resist making a comment on their blog!

It was a crazy busy day, and many brides-to-be chose a Lea-Ann Belter gown as THE one they would wear down the aisle. As each lady chose her gown, Lea-Ann sketched the gown they chose and gave the sketch as a keepsake - how wonderful is that?!

Thanks to Documentary Associates Photography, Tom was on hand to snap pictures of brides to capture the moment they chose their gowns, as well as take photos of the brides with Lea-Ann. Of course, I can't post pictures of our brides in the dresses they chose (no big reveal until the wedding day), but here is a peek of what our day was like!

Lea-Ann loved meeting every soon-to-be-wed that visited us, and she wishes everyone a happy future together!

- Jessica

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