What about my hair??

It's almost as difficult a decision as what to wear on your wedding day!
How should I wear my hair? Up? Down? Half up, half down? Accessorize?

Enter Franz Sebastian Salon. Conveniently located right next to Promise, you can have your fitting and your hair trial back to back! It is a lovely salon - full of light. It has a stellar, open feeling - and the energy there is wonderful. Perfect for a stressed bride-to-be to have her hair trial or to have her hair done on her wedding day!

Whitney, our favorite stylist, is there! Whitney's sister, Samantha, chose her Claire Pettibone gown from Promise (stay tuned for her pictures) and Whitney did her hair! Almost every time Samantha came in for her fitting, she had a new potential 'do, and each one was lovely. Whitney will do your hair where you are getting ready - or you can visit the salon the day you get ready. The prices at Franz Sebastian are super reasonable - formal styling ranges from $75 - $175.

Call 301-907-8080 to schedule your consultation!

- Jessica

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