I Do, I Did, Now What Do I Do With My Gown??

Your wedding was incredible - you danced, you ate yummy cake, you felt lovely and special all night long.

Afterward, you are left with a burning question...

No, not "What do I do with 8 cut crystal vases (that you didn't register for)?"

It's "What do I do with my dress??"

There are a couple different choices you could make, but first things first, make sure you get it cleaned. The longer you wait, the more likely the stains will set and be more difficult to remove.

My wonderful gown is hanging in the back room at Promise where I can see it and maybe even put it on whenever I want...four years after our wedding! While you can't stash your gown in the back room of my shop, you can hang on to it so that you can try it on whenever you like! At Promise, we have heard all kinds of stories about brides and their favorite outfit. One bride has worn her gown every Christmas while she decorates (don't let anyone say she only wore her gown once). Another has a private anniversary celebration and tries her dress on! Another has an annual dress party with her girlfriends! Either way, I totally empathize with not wanting to put it in a box.

Lately, I have been considering having my dress shortened and maybe dyed, but, colored or white, I could SO wear it again someplace special! A lot of gowns could be shortened and worn again - picture a full lace gown shortened knee-length with a velvet bow or wide black patent leather belt? Or a draped gown shortened and maybe colored?

If you don't have the heart to alter or part with your gown in any way, having it preserved is an excellent choice. At Promise, we work with two local specialty dry cleaners - Prestige Drycleaning in Silver Spring and Parkway Drycleaners in Chevy Chase. They are both great choices for having your gown cleaned post-wedding, as well has having it preserved and stored in a box post-party!

- Jessica

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