Bachelorette Party at Goddess Fitness!

Next door (or across the hall, really) to Promise, there is a fabulous place where ladies can learn to dance (and get in excellent shape). This is not just any kind of dancing...it is sexy, fun, and a total break from your boring gym routine! Just for the ladies, Goddess Fitness is a total departure from any gym!

From Pole Dancing Aerobics, Chair Dancing Aerobics, and Belly Dancing to Cardio Kick Boxing Boot Camp and Cardio Ballet Blast, Goddess Fitness has it all! You can even take an abs class to get ready for your honeymoon!

Co-Owners Tina and Jen opened Goddess Fitness when they both fell in love with aerobic pole dancing. They both also wanted to promote an empowering workout and environment for women, but could not find any such classes in DC. These two sassy women have created a fun, welcoming place ladies to get their groove on, and to get in shape while doing it!

Goddess Fitness also hosts Bachelorette parties (or Birthday or a "girls' night out") - you can rent the space out for an evening (or during the afternoon) for a private party (no boys allowed!). You and your girlfriends can take private Pole Dancing Aerobics, Chair Dancing Aerobics....whatever you choose! How fun is that? If you mention Promise when you schedule your (or anyone else's) Bachelorette Party, our neighbors at Goddess Fitness will give you 10% off! Take our word for it - it is SO fun (and a great workout!)

They also offer regularly scheduled classes. If you are little nervous (or shy), there are drop-in classes you can check out without having to commit to a class package. Just think, you could come for your fitting and workout all in one place!

Check it out!

- Jessica

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