Getting to your Destination...Wedding!

Planning a destination wedding? Or maybe the piece de resistance .... your honeymoon?

There is some super cute (and functional) travel stuff out there! I love the travel site Flight 001 - so I thought I would spread the word!

If there was one thing I learned on our honeymoon in Italy, it was that my two giant, rolling (but super cute) suitcases were maybe not so much the right thing to schlep into Venice. I would have been much better off with one, especially one that could double as a backpack! The Y3 Backpack Trolley (had I known about Flight 001) would have been perfect!

I'll never forget how exhausted we were when we landed in London - partially because of the long flight on Virgin Atlantic playing Super Mario Brothers, and also from the wedding! The Red Eye Pack with eye mask, lip balm, earplugs, and dental refresher would have gone a long way in making me feel a little better.

I would have loved a cool passport holder - maybe we would have done a better job not leaving our passports in a taxi in Florence if I was worried about my sassy case!

Your sweetie may need a cuter duffel to travel with (maybe it's time to graduate from his old gym bag like mine), you could surprise him with some cool luggage.

If you decide to carry your gown on instead of shipping (which Promise is glad to do - just ask!) you could score a cool rolling garment bag to bring your dress on board with you (like the black one below).

There are a bunch of other cool things like cute luggage tags, germ free kits, adapters...you name it! Grab them for your honeymoon, as a gift for other newlyweds, or pass them on to your bridesmaids for their trip to your destination wedding!

Happy traveling!

- Jessica

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