Engagement Dinner at the Majestic!

Recently, my co-owner (and mom!) got engaged!

Andrew (my husband) and I wanted to be the first to take them out for dinner to celebrate. So we took them to one of our favorite places - The Majestic in Old Town Alexandria. We knew it was the perfect place to make them feel special! Low key, small enough to be intimate (but not too too), excellent service, and UNBELIEVABLE food start to finish.

Oh! I must mention that the Majestic is one of three restaurants (Eamonn's, A Dublin Chipper, Restaurant Eve, and The Majestic) owned and operated by the same people. One of the owners is a renowned mixologist, and let me tell you - the cocktails are divine! I had my first Sidecar there and never looked back. Not to mention all the baked goods...I almost start speaking in tongues the desserts are so good.

The dinner was a huge success, both my mom and her new fiance were in raptures over everything they ate. Plus, when Andrew made the reservation, he mentioned it was for an engagement. Right before dinner, our server presented us with the sweetest gesture I have ever experienced at a restaurant - a calligraphied congratulations note attached to a pair of scrumptious cookies!

So, whether you are having a celebratory engagement dinner with your honey or taking newly engaged pals out, the Majestic is an excellent pick! Not to mention that after a scrumptious dinner, you can cruise on over to the speakeasy (look for the pirate flag flying above Eamonn's and you know its open) called the PX, also run by the same mixologist!

- Jessica

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