Wedding Gown Monogramming

Sewing a label into the bride-to-be’s wedding gown is a tradition reaching back to the 1920s and '30s. The personalized label sewn into the gown was seen as the last time a bride would use her maiden name!

It’s a great way to have your something blue (your maiden name and wedding date in blue) sewn into the hem, lining, into the top of your gown, or even where a typical clothing label would go.

At Promise…for the savvy bride, we have worked with Embroid Me (around the corner on Old Georgetown Road) to have a label monogrammed and then sewn into a bride-to-be’s gown! At Embroid Me, they have several shades of blue (and many other colors), as well as several different fonts to choose from! All you have to do is bring them a piece of fabric (it could even be a handkerchief from a family member) and they handle the rest! Bring it back to Promise and we will gladly sew it into your gown!

There are a lot of resources for wedding gown labels – there is Mostly Monograms (also in Maryland) or the Silken Thread – where you can order your label online!

Lastly, we have been hearing a lot about Monde Design (they are also on the beloved Etsy- they can make even fancier labels - see image below!). Customized embroidery, gifts - you name it! You could even have a label made for your groom's suit or tux. If he doesn't own what he is wearing, monogram a handkerchief or another item that he will carry with him that day!

- Jessica

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