Blackfinn Restaurant & Saloon

Downtown Bethesda is an eclectic mix of shops, galleries, bars, and restaurants. A number of great places for a bride-to-be to grab a celebratory bite or drink are a stone's throw from Promise, including Blackfinn Restaurant & Saloon on the corner of Fairmont & Norfolk. Right around the around the corner from Promise, Blackfinn serves yummy food and cocktails!

Blackfinn also has a nice space for private events...it's totally not the typical frat smelling restaurant/bar. You could even rent it out for post-wedding parties! After our wedding, my sweetie and I rented out the top floor of another local Bethesda bar for a post wedding-reception bash (as Blackfinn was not around then). The party itself was super fun, but I had a bummer experience with a bouncer who wouldn't let me into my own party since I didn't have my license (I was in my wedding gown...no pockets...but that's a story for another time!). Anyways, if you are going to kick off (or continue...or end) your bachelorette party in Bethesda, Blackfinn is an excellent pick!

Pop by and mention Promise and Blackfinn will hook you with a free appetizer and some drink specials!

See you there!


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