Let Them Eat Cake...

We love cake here at Promise...for the savvy bride! Chocolate, vanilla, fruit flavored, essence of lavender - bring it on!

There are some incredible bakeries here in the DC area that specialize in wedding cakes!

If you haven't yet heard of them, Georgetown Cupcake and Baked and Wired (just down the street from Georgetown Cupcake) rock our world. Scrumptious, heavenly cupcakes as wedding cake! Cupcakes as cute wedding favors! Cupcakes for "will you be my bridesmaid" gifts! Cupcakes just because you are passing by! Go - you won't be disappointed! Plus, I love that the two women who opened Georgetown Cupcake bakery are sisters - it reminds me of my mom and I opening Promise together.

In Bethesda, there is Just Cakes. I personally love their coconut cake. The icing to cake ratio is perfect, with fresh coconut in every bite! They also make a mean yellow cake and wedding cake. Plus they have classes - for decorating cakes, making cookies, rolling fondant. Choose a cake for your wedding and take a class with your sweetie!

Ridgewells Catering (where I used to work before we opened Promise!) offers not only exceptional catering for weddings (Jen Becker, a Senior Event Designer there has worked with many Promise brides and is incredible to work with) but also excellent wedding cakes! Karl Mueller, the Executive Pastry Chef, is talented and his cakes and pastries are delicious. While working at Ridgewells, I spent many afternoons visiting Karl & Joerge (another Pastry Chef) and tasting all the wonderful things in the bakery!

- Jessica

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