It's Easy Being Green

Carbon Foot Print got you down? Feeling guilty about the resources you are using for your wedding?

There are many options for brides-to-be who are feeling they need to be a little (or a lot) more environmentally conscious about their wedding planning! There is a lot of information out there about being more green about the whole fete - and life in general. As a business, Promise is committed to doing everything it can to reduce waste! Part of that commitment is to help by giving tips and highlighting planing ideas our brides-to-be about what they can do too.

One item that is often included in wedding planning is wedding favors. You know - the little keepsake picture frames or other mementos given to each guest who attends the event. Consider instead something edible purchased from a local bakery. Bundles of Cookies in Bethesda makes really yummy and super cute cookie favors (we used them for our gift baskets!). Chocolate is also another tasty option - Artfully Chocolate in Alexandria features local artisinal chocolates. You could even get more creative and hit the local farmers market (try Eastern Market in NE) for locally grown honey and local baked goods. Not only is there nothing non-recyclable, but you are also supporting local business.

Another option is to donate an amount to the charity of your choice in lieu of a wedding favor. Or, if there is not a charity you really identify with, donate to the Green Guides Nursery Forest Program. The Nursery Forest Progam replaces trees consumed diapering babies!

You can also choose to select invitations made from recycled paper or paper made from alternative fibers such as coffee beans, hemp, or bamboo. Just Paper and Tea (who are wonderful and did my invitations!) in Georgetown carries several stationary lines that are eco-freindly, such as William Arthur, Crane, and 9SpotMonk.

For a more eco-friendly wedding gown, consider designers that produce their collections locally. This makes their process much more environmentally conscious, and thus your's by supporting US business. For example, all of Claire Pettibone's gowns are locally produced in Los Angeles, and several of them (like Larissa, Demetra, Cloisonne and Lalique) are made in unbleached natural cotton voile.

So happy (and healthy) planning!

- Jessica

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