I'm Ready for my Close Up, Mr. DeMille...

That timeless line from the classic movie Sunset Boulevard makes everyone think (well, me at least) about old old Hollywood glamour.

Every bride-to-be wants to feel (and look) lovely on her wedding day. You can picture walking through the doors and heading down the aisle. I remember standing at the top and remembering some of the best advice my planners (Cammi Mara and Elizabeth Duncan) gave me: "Stand at the top of the aisle, and count to five - look around you and take it all in."

I am so glad I did - I vividly remember all of the faces of my friends and family, as well as the moment my mom and I shared as she walked me down the aisle and I went to stand beside my now husband, Andrew.

Of course, during all this, it helped that I felt that I was the most gorgeous thing since Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (can you tell I love AMC?)

My makeup was flawless - not to mention my make up artist, Leah McKay, made me feel very zen during during the whole make up application process. That morning, I was veering wildly between giddily happy and super anxious and she really helped me chill out.

When one of my best friends Carolyn got married, she had Leah do her makeup (and all of us bridesmaids) and we all looked beautiful, and, of course, Carolyn looked stunning!

The ladies who did our hair that day were from Salon Red, and they didn't blink when I asked for a little pompadour like Gwen Stefani, except wedding appropriate.

Both Leah and the ladies from Salon Red schlepped down to the Mayflower to Carolyn's suite to do all of our hair and makeup!

Another great makeup artist is Georgia from the Clairins counter at Saks in Chevy Chase. I met her after my wedding when one of our brides used Georgia at her wedding. After seeing Brittany's make up, I had mine done (for another wedding) and then referred her to countless Promise brides! Georgia will travel just about anywhere, and like Leah and Salon Red, is totally reasonably priced for the service she provides!

Another great hair salon is Urbanity - Promise bride-to-be Samantha's sister is a co-owner there, and is doing Samantha's hair for her wedding (of course). We have had the chance to see Samantha's hair options during her fittings and it always looks stellar.

There are so many great resources out there for day-of hair and makeup, but we wanted to throw our 2 cents in, too! Let us know if anyone you work with is so fabulous you can't wait to recommend them - we would love to pass it on!

Happy Styling!


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