Rehersal Dinner Location Ideas

While we at Promise...for the savvy bride focus on bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, being the bossy burgers we are, we love to give our two cents about everything!

On to some rehearsal dinner locations!

Not my problem, you say? My in-laws-to-be are taking care of it?

We hope you are right! I remember I was not so serenely planning my wedding (with the incredible help of planners Cammi Mara and Elizabeth Duncan) when my husband called and said "J - my parents want to know where you want the rehearsal dinner?" Time froze. Upon questioning him further, I learned that, while his parents are locals, they were wanting some guidance on planning the event. What should we eat? Where should we go? Do we need flowers? How about invitations?

Oh man.

We wound up at Maggiano's in Friendship Heights which was yummy and comfy; as a popular restaurant, they commonly hold such events (we had 100 people!!), so it was done as professionally and as seamlessly as possible. Also, it was in my in-laws' budget, as well as conveniently located to our chosen hotel (the Embassy Suites in Friendship Heights) and reception site (Congressional Country Club). So, all that being said, since then we have come across some great and some not-so-known ideas for rehearsal dinners.

Rehearsal dinner locations should ideally have parking (or be Metro accessible - usually it is largely for out-of-town guests and the wedding party) and, to facilitate a minimum level of stress prior to the big day, a location where the staff are pros. Of course, many hotels have wonderful service and food - but to have it at a restaurant can add some fun for your guests!

Of course, we have already mentioned Maggiano's - Italian food, separate party rooms upstairs (at least in Friendship Heights) and staff that is used to handling wedding related events.

In Bethesda, there is Positano - yummy Italian food, cute private party rooms with frescoed walls and valet parking, all in downtown Bethesda (and around the corner from Promise!).

Also in downtown Bethesda is La Miche - country French goodness in a warm, cozy restaurant.

In DC, we recently had the pleasure of eating at Il Mulino. Double yum. The presentation and solicitous service is wonderful! I was at a rehearsal dinner at Morton's on Connecticut Ave. that was excellent. Oceanaire with its superfly seafood is also downtown.

How about Jaleo in DC, VA or MD? Or Rasika in Penn Quarter for a smaller event?

The best part is you can go for taste tests to help you decide!

Happy researching!

- Jessica

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