Organize your life! Well, at least your wedding...

I am a total sentimental fool - one of those people that holds on to little keepsakes. I still have the ticket stubs to the first movie my husband and I went to on one of our early dates (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at the Avalon). Of course, do I organize these various ticket stubs, pamphlets, cards, and notes?

That's a negative.

I know if I had a cute bag I would.

So, when I came across Maddie Totes, I thought, "Eureka! A multi-tasking organizer in a charming Asian brocade." (I am a sucker for that) I love how you get a tote for schlepping, a box for stashing, and a binder for organizing. Plus, you can use the tote after the wedding.

- Jessica

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